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Well folks, it looks like we’re all booked up for the photo shoot next week at Kendy’s Closet.  They’ve booked every slot from 9am to 4pm (that’s 14 sessions!).  I will be uploading all of the pictures to my proofing site at and will be emailing the access code to the families when the gallery is done.  Friends and family members can order prints from the proofing site and parents will be receiving a 25% discount courtesy of Kendy’s Closet.

Dishwater Blonde

March 6, 2009

I’m going to be doing a photo shoot for Dishwater Blonde in a couple of weeks and i’m really excited about my concept idea for the band.  No,.. i’m not going to say what it is (partly because it might backfire).  But suffice it to say it will be something very unique and creative (let’s hope so at least).  I’ll also be redoing the band member headshots.  Stay tuned for udpates.