Catching up and the Knoxville Bridal Show

November 10, 2009

I guess i’m not very good at the “updating of the blog” thing.  If you are interested in staying up to date with my work, please visit my website – it is updated regularly.

As for the rest of things,… business is booming!  I’ve been slammed with families, engagements, headshots, and recently putting together some Knoxville clothing/fashion sessions.  Which reminds me, i’ll be posting a casting call in the next couple of weeks for girls interested in modeling clothes/dresses for a couple of local businesses – i’ll post it on the blog when i’m ready to start auditioning.

Oh yeah,.. for those of you attending the Knoxville Bridal show in January, look for me at the show.  I’ll be exhibiting and giving away some pretty good deals so you’d better come by my booth 😉



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